Secularism: Yet another meaningless word inviting debate.

Who is secular and who is religious!

Secular means unrelated to religion and secularist state do not sponsor any particular religion. Constitution of USA has a mandate to be secularist state. Constitution of India did not use this word secularism but 1976 amendment added words ‘socialist secular’ in the preamble of the Constitution of India.



A few days ago I had pointed out that Barak Obama has failed as a Black President in so far as ethnic violence is concerned in USA and that USA needs a debate on Black and White ethnicity and harmony. I also find it distasteful practice to start session of house of representatives in USA (in certain states) with religious prayers, but that problem has yet to blow itself up. A similar problem exist here in India and that is about secularism.

What secularism actually meant over the time, in history?

Historically, the secular word gain its prominence in 15th Century when Catholic church had its tentacles in every walk of life. Free speech meant to speak what church approved to speak. USA led a way and established a State that would not sponsor any religious following. Thus it precedes, French which enacted law for separation of church and the State in 1905 and thus declaring Laïcité. Later this word has been frequently used in France to refer to public institutions free from religious influence. Continue reading

Secularism: USA may oppose Narendra Modi but USA Supreme Court shares his views.

Secularism: USA, India and Narendra Modi.

Narendra Modi in Indian Elections 2014:

Secularism is like Linux. Everyone has his/her own version of secularism. Elections in India are in progress and shall be over by end of week. Narendra Modi, the prime ministerial candidate of main opposition party BJP has declared that if he does not become next prime minister, he would start vending tea again, the vocation with which he had started his career in life. This reflects his confidence. BTW if he becomes PM, he would be the only prime minister who could boast such humble past.
The strange thing about this election was that present prime minister hardly, rather did not campaign for his party and his candidature was non issue. In fact entire campaign was centered around Modi, who intelligently planned and meticulously executed his election campaign covering entire breadth of the country and talking about his plans for development of the country. It was more like a presidential style campaign in USA, but in which no other candidate had that audacity or charisma to display or plan to share. Word on street is that there is a Modi Wave sweeping the country but it shall be seen after election results are declared on 17th of May 2014.

Secularism by US Supreme Court:

Unlike first amendment of the Constitution of USA, the Constitution of India does not mandate separation between government and religious establishments. The US Supreme Court has diluted the concept in the name of tradition. Read more about analysis of this judgement here.

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