Guidelines issued for war between India and Pakistan

A comical satire:

Process to be followed for any surgical strike here after –

1 – Henceforth, arrange for all proofs of your operations in 3 copies – One for Indians, One for Pakistan and One for Pakistanis within India.

2 – Bring HD quality videos of operations. Appearance of dying terrorists is s MUST in these videos.

3 – Bring at least 25-50 photographs clearly showing site BEFORE and AFTER operation.

4 – Preferably, bring a video with an interview of an eye witness with a 3 copies of printouts with his signature and KYC proofs.

5 – Bring biometric proof of all terrorists claimed to have been killed – Thumbs, Eyes etc.

6 – Bring Photo Identity of all killed terrorists to prove that they were actually not Indians.

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