While I was dozing!

pink-wild-flowerYesterday was a busy day. In the afternoon I dozed off for an hour. It was business as usual thereafter. This morning I discovered that ‘sandeep bhalla’ has become a news item. Somebody from Jalandhar, who share my name had posted morphed photographs of Signora Presidentessa of ruling Congress Party of India, Sonia Gandhi onto Facebook. Morphing pictures is not always palatable. Though many morphed videos of Prime Minister and also Sonia Gandhi were in circulation and on Youtube, for many years, yet as a reflection of maturity, the Government took no action. It appears that now a case has been registered u/s. 66-A of IT Act against Sandeep Bhalla who is from Jalandhar, Punjab. (SBOJ) Continue reading

Face Book Friends


On 17th of October 2010 I had posted this message on the wall of facebook: “What used to be ‘Fair Weather Friend’ has now become Facebook friend.”

Come spring, friends shall blossom again.
One sided. Burdening you with his thoughts without bothering for yours.
Every one with a megaphone addressing. No one listening.
Nothing has changed as yet.
One compliment to facebook: It reflects the real life. Every one self occupied. Rarely bothered by anything except self interest.

Lazy Sundays produce lazy thoughts.


© Sandeep Bhalla

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