A religious gathering.

Religious Consumption:

Religion is most promising nectar seeking to cure everything that is unpalatable in life. We regularly consume this potion, of course with faith. India is no different. Rather it has a variety of religious potions to embellish the personal religious tavern. I had written about one such new potion about Sai Baba.

About Sri Sukhmani Sahib (श्री सुखमनी साहिब जी):

Until about 30 years ago i.e. before separatist Khalistan movement started in Punjab, Sikh religion and rituals were part of religious rituals of every Punjabi Hindu. At ground level, barring Sikh bigots, situation is same. For all practical purposes there is hardly any distinction for the purpose of bonding though marriage or otherwise. Sri Sukhmani Saheb as this holy Sikh book is called, is part of the supreme Sikh holy book Sri Granth Sahib. The reading of Sri Sukhmani Sahib is supposed to bring peace. In fact ‘sukh’ means peace ‘mani’ relates to mind. Continue reading