The Case for Atheism

I came across this debate at rather unusual forum. Please follow the link and read the entire debate about Religion and Atheism.

There is a difference between being an “intellectual” and having enough common sense to know that humans do not reproduce asexually and the earth is not 10,000 years old. All religions are dangerous when they force you to deny logic, common sense, and history fossil records, transmogrification through Constantine, stolen stories from other religions, etc…You SHOULD be intimidated by intellectuals because they devote their lives to solving problems and finding answers in their respective fields. Your life is better because of them. Is your life any better because of religious fundamentalist whack jobs who want their messiahs to whisk them away to heaven and women to be subservient slaves? No-… in fact our way of living sucks much worse because of it.No one is more closed minded and dangerous than someone who takes religious texts as truth and carries out what the texts depict in some self-fulfilling prophecy. Even worse is the susceptibility and gullibility of children who will accept these teachings as truth before they can think on their own or for themselves. It’s not fair for them to be scared of going to hell for questioning.

via The Case for Atheism There Isn’t One Todd Friel – Demonoid.