Remembering Rapes and Rain on Vijaydashmi 2013

Today is Vijaydashmi.

My greetings.

This Vijaydashmi has many peculiarities. First the thunderstorm two days ago. We woke up with lightning and heavy showers. For a long time we have not seen so much thunder and lightning. By luck nothing was struck by lightning. At least nothing is in news, so luck is presumed. But the rain in October is very rare.

Rain in October.

Second peculiarity is that it had rained in October last year too. Just before Vijaydashmi or Dashahra.
Vijaydashmi literally means ‘tenth day of victory’. Actually it should be and is meant to be the ‘the tenth day in the Calender when victory occurred’. Today is tenth day of month of ‘Ashwin’ in the year 2069 of Vikrami Calender. Vijaydashmi is celebrated every year on the 10th day of this month. Generally it falls on some day in October to early November. It is a day of victory over evil. Continue reading

Why wishes come true? We are not used to it.

Last fortnight saw the human sea trying to flow on to the streets of New Delhi (Lutyen’s Zone at Delhi) with candles demanding death for the rapists. Many other cities across the country echoed demands of justice. Presently rape is not punishable by death but murder is. Under the provisions of Constitution the penal law can not be applied retrospectively. Hence the demand of agitators could not have been met without a charge of murder.
Unfortunately the wish of agitators has been granted. Worst part is that victim is no more. With her death it is a murder with brutality which is rare. Courts will determine if it was rare of rarest to impose punishment of death.
Why such wish come true at this cost? May be we do not deserve that our every wish should come true.
The predators could spend their lives in jail. Victim must have survived, somehow; in spite of all the injuries. Perhaps our desire for revenge out weighed our desire for the victim to survive. Who knows how desires or wishes work?
Every death is tragic but at such a young age and in such tragic circumstances, it takes away something from everybody.
It took away the faith of people in police, medicine and governance.
Let the bereaved family may find peace and courage to get over most horrific and tragic circumstances.

Child Marriage is illegal in India, irrespective of Religion!

Legality of Child Marriage.

Background of Child Marriage:

Child Marriage or marriage of minors, like most of the other countries, was a traditional practice in India; where elders would commit to marry their minor children. Various laws have been enacted from time to time to curb this practice, but it is not completely routed out. However, among Hindus, the child marriage itself has never been declared void by law. In respect to other religions, the problem had not been addressed at all. However there are two High Courts of  India whose Full Benches have held that now, in the wake of changes in law, Child Marriage is illegal and ineffectual till the child reaches age of consent, and a two-year time period elapses thereafter during which he/she can seek annulment of child marriage.
Is this a Child Marriage in 2009?
The ill-effect of such marriages are well-known. Besides the health and life of child, it has social fallout as well. Some of the ill effects have been summarised by UNICEF here. According to Unicef, world’s 40% child marriages take place in India. Continue reading