Will Chief Justice blink ?

Congress Party has a different approach at managing the things. It would not be entirely incorrect to say that Congress Party in India is a deep state within the state of sovereign India. Browbeating or rewarding the judicial officers is part of the it’s formula to access or to remain in power.

Ranjan Gogoi the present Chief Justice of India committed a sacrilege last week when he issued notice to clown Prince in contempt petition file by BJP MP Meenakshi Lekhi. It was alleged that Rahul Gandhi had publicly called that “supreme court has held that Chokidar is chor”. There is video proof of the fact hence there is no easy way out.

As a matter of fact the judgement referred did not deal with the subject at all. It deal with admissibility of documents produced before court. Read it here.

What was the expectations from Chief Justice?

When the lie is so apparent, how could a court ignore? The reasons lie in the past. High expectations are based on low performance of judiciary in the past. They crawled when asked to bend.

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