Delhi protest ‘is’ on behalf of Adatiya or middlemen of Market Committee

Income Tax Department has raided several wealthy grain merchants in Punjab over the weekend. It may be noted that income from agriculture produce is tax free but the income has to be declared for the purpose of computation. This is where the catch is. Most of these middle man who trade in grains are called adatiya or arhatiya which is a unique profession of financer cum wholesale trader rolled into one.

Protest in Delhi

Today may be 26th day of so called farmers protest in Delhi but from the day one it is known that these protesters are demanding the repeal of laws reforming the agriculture sector at behest of these middle men who operate ‘marketing committee’. Now Chief Minister of Punjab has spilled his beans by slamming Centre over Income Tax raids on ‘arhtiyas’

Captain admits ‘middleman’s protest’

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Agrarian reforms meet fake protests under fake Gandhi.

The recent agrarian reforms which set agriculture produce free from control of State are used to stage protest in the States of Punjab and Haryana. It is claimed that these are detrimental to the interest of farmers. Here are the farmers:

Protesting Agriculture Reforms

Do you notice the shining brand new tractors?

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Diwali hoopla from cleanliness to corruption and fire works to pollution; Thank God it is over

Happy New Year Samvat 2069

Yesterday was Diwali. It also marks beginning of new Calender Year Samvat 2069. An annual celebration interpreted differently, by different sections of people. Mythological stories have become irrelevant with passage of time and therefore need no mention. However the fact remains that it is economically the single largest event in India which is awaited by all businesses alike. Professionals are not much affected except Chartered Accountants and Doctors.

What it means to be Diwali

To begin with Diwali is a celebration of cleanliness, decoration and shopping. It coincides with  harvesting of crop which brings purchasing power to farmers. The preparation starts months in advance with re-painting of house, redecoration of house, new curtains or furniture or even utensils, depending upon the availability of time and befall of prosperity. With deep pockets it is nothing less than the famous Indian Wedding. Apart from shopping spree it also have many more activities. Continue reading