AAP: technique to break promises.

Dilution of populist promises
The media gimmick of travelling in public transport by the Ministers in Delhi’s AAP Government may not be enough to bring the people to support the AAP another time in three months. The tall promises of free water and electricity at half rate has so far been diluted to the extent of breaking the promise itself. Continue reading


To hold a person guilty of the offence of cheating it has to be shown that his intention was dishonest at the time of making the promise. Such a dishonest intention cannot be inferred from the mere fact that he could not subsequently fulfill the promise. (see State of Kerala v. A. Pareed Pillai, 1972 CrLJ 1243 : 1973 AIR (SC) 326 : 1972 (3) SCC 661 : 1972 CAR 304)

An error of judgment or breach of performance of duty which, per se, cannot be equated with dishonest intention to establish the charge under Section 420 I.P.C. (Anil Kumar Bose v. State of Bihar, 1974 CrLJ 1026 : 1974 AIR (SC) 1560 : 1974 Cr LR (SC) 457 : 1974 (3) SCR 902)