We are what we think we are!

bushes-flowers-20130403_091836We are concerned how Governments are being run? Why Corporations are ruthless? How people’s representatives hardly represent anyone but themselves? How people at the helm of affairs, are and were, always callous and insensitive if not ruthless to people? We wonder why is it so?

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Blogging: Serious risk in reading blogs!

Peeping into personal lives of others, is an ultimate human adventure. We love to see and judge. Even if we rename judging as helping/advising/learning. But the fact remains. Personal blogging gives an opportunity to see inside the mind of blogger albeit through a prism of myriad words which we may or may not understand.
My suggestion to all self-righteous, pious, noble, moral, religious, pure, honest, holy, emotionally unstable, depressed, anxious, di-polarised etc. people is not to read others’ blogs. It may shock them. Forcing them to cry or even more send them in shock, anxiety, despair or depression. Continue reading

Unfit to attend funeral or marriage.

Cartoon of the worst possible thing to say at ...

Cartoon of the worst possible thing to say at a funeral. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is a long time since people have stopped inviting me for funeral. It has something to do with my face. If I don’t smile I look ridiculous but if I smile, it spoils the serenity of pain and sadness. Either way people find my face amusing. Continue reading

Achilles Heel, Pain in bottom of heel, Patience, Treatment and Solution in lifestyle

Day one: Start of pain.

It started all of a sudden. While I got off the car as a healthy person, after walking away a few yards, a pain hit from under the bottom of left heel and every step thereafter became an effort to walk. The steps became smaller and slower.
Once inside, I took off the shoe and it was relief. Walking, bare foot, neither relieved the pain nor the limp but It did reduce the extent of pain, some how.
Next four hours, while I was busy on my chair, with feet rested on the support under the table, there was not much pain. However in the evening, the walk back was not easy. I believed that pain will go away soon.
Upon reaching home the first thing was to arrange a bucket of warm water and dip my feet rather calves into it for next one hour. It was relieving. Dinner with two shots of Vodka made it all disappear and I enjoyed the evening stroll after dinner albeit with some struggle, only to discover that it was foolish.

Day two: Acute and chronic pain

Next morning it was clear that something serious has hit. Getting into slippers was easy but to stand up in wooden foot which aches, was not easy. Any how, limping and dragging the foot seem to be the option and I complied. So what to do?
Now the first and second and many more suggestions received and ironically they were all the same i.e. rush to a Doctor. Should I call an ambulance with stretcher? Continue reading

Meaningful living!

Purpose of life.

What is meaningful living. Is it living for some purpose? Is it living to achieve something? Is it helping others? Is it living for glory of a cause, nation or organisation or self glorification? Does it involve any particular way of life or following certain rules, principles or performing certain rituals? Answers require a deep introspection and keen observation of people around us. History also adds its help.

So long mind has questions, quest goes on.

Living for various purposes or in various manners is being tried by people around us and they all claim to be peaceful and happy. It is only when we go near or meet or interact more frequently that we notice the truth. From plain hypocrisy to pain bellowing from concealed wounds even if denied off hand. They are people who would rather be at some place other than the place giving meaning. Why?
Do this swinging balls of rock in space, called planets, have a purpose? Does every tree that does not provide, fruit is meaningless? Animals exist so that we may feast?
It appears that too much emphasis on me is the problem. We are all serving this purpose even if we do not know; even if this purpose is not our purpose.

Health or social life if a purpose

To me, to keep this body nourished and healthy is sufficient. To deal with everyone in the manner, I would deal with myself, is end of morality and religion. It is a big challenge to deal with known crooks and thugs fairly i.e. without being pre-judgement and I may fail as always.
Purpose or meaning of life is the slogan given on this planet by every dictator, emperor or tyrant whether religious or warrior; to dominate others or to commit atrocities on human beings. Hence it is better to stay away from this brain washing stuff.
There is really nothing more pleasant than to inhale and exhale pure air that too without reason!

Just another lazy thought on lazy Sunday.

© Sandeep Bhalla