Logjam in Parliament: effect on electorate. 

Parliament of India: people are watching!

Parliament has come to a halt. One rather formal law about pecuniary jurisdiction of Delhi District Courts was passed in absentio. Barring that, no legislative business took place. In the logjam, I came across an article by Shekhar Gupta, ex-editor of Indian Express, the only newspaper I trust as upright. Shekhar Gupta took us down the memory lane to 1987 in his this article/editorial in Hindi and published in Dainik Bhasker.

Parliament in 1987:

Rajiv Gandhi was voted to power after an election campaign which was also riding on public sentiment on riots of 1984 and Punjab (or Khalistan) problem. He won by thumping majority of about 4/5th of the house. However in 1987 allegations of kickbacks to Gandhi family through various sources, surfaced. Since it related to purchase of Gun named Bofors, it is known by that name. Continue reading