Control freak in old age


Spirit of domination is imbibed in humans. We, as automatons, do not even notice when we crossed the path of another. The control freak is an extreme creature who can not help but to control everything. To control things, to ensure best to all. However the problem is that one’s best is not everyone’s best. Those obliged to subordination, politely get out of the way with flimsy excused. Others part way with declaration that this is unacceptable. In either case control freak is left to its own affairs.
The problem arises when health is at stake.

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Ecology: Role of (human) vermins!


understanding role of Human vermin:

Human vermin is a person who serves him/herself. Neither capable of honest relationship, not domestication nor capable of engaging in any trade consistently. They thrive upon other’s resources which they easily appropriate to themselves. This has nothing to do with inheritance, which gives a natural choice of living without work. Above all vermin think that they are smart. They are but street smart, like rats. Continue reading

Mother, son and daughters

Affairs of death and funeral.

Recently an old woman visited me for some consultation. A lady in her 80’s had a peculiar anxiety, which is common at that age. It was her funeral. While she had one son and several rich daughters she was living alone with her husband. While the elderly couple had drawn their Will for disposal of whatever little they had, she had this problem as to who will attend her funeral and who will not. Her anxiety was that perhaps due to non-communication among here children, nobody may like to inform the son or he may not like to come at all. For those who do not know, in India, especially among Hindus there is a belief that it is important that son should perform the last rites. However when I asked about this reason she refused and plainly stated that she did not follow her dogma. My next question was that how it matters, as to what happens, when you are gone? She had no answer. Nor do I.

Habiba Adan Salat, a Somali woman in Dolow, on...

I asked another question, did you have vibrating relationships with your siblings at your middle age or now, if some of them are surviving? The answer was a long explanation which meant ‘No’. I could not take courage to remind her that if she had explanation for her aloofness in relationships, so do her children and she should now leave them alone.

Does it really matter how people conduct their affairs after I have gone? If I am this body then after death I do not exist. Nor can I claim any right, over this body because ‘I’ is dead. And If I do not exist how come that I can still have relatives or anything to cling at all? On the other hand I am not this body and I survive the death, than I will manage my affairs then and there. Why this anxiety before the event? But I think we all want to be sure about this enigma called death. Perhaps the control freak within, wants to control the death as well. This anxiety has created the civilization, the rituals, the religions and of course  the science.

Just another lazy thought on lazy Sunday.

© Sandeep Bhalla