Armenia and Ajarbaijan conflict.

Armenian and Azerbaijani forces continue to fight over the separatist region of Nagorno-Karabakh, killing and injuring each other.

Azerbaijan is a (Shia) Muslim-majority state whereas Armenia is a Christian majority State but it would be a grave error to relegate this war to Islamic-Christian dispute as the dispute is far deeper and both have strange friends. Armenia is supported by (Shia) Iran but Azerbaijan is supported by (Sunni) Turkey. Of course the Russia too intervened and brokered some kind of peace deal which may or may not work.

Azerbaijan is one of the birthplaces of the oil industry and its history is linked to the fortunes of petroleum, with pipelines used from the late 19th century. The total length of main pipeline in Azerbaijan is 4,600 kilometres (2,900 mi). Some of these pipe lines are:

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