Obstacles in learning.


The learning curve is a misnomer.

There is no such thing as learning curve. The distance between a learner and learned or unskilled and skilled is of one step. Unless that final step is leaped, all are vegetables not ready to be served. Either we know how to do it or don’t. There is no psychological counsel’s assurance ‘you are doing great’. It is not an evolution which will take place slowly. It is a revolution which acts in leaps and bounds. Learning may be in parts but is not in tiny bits.
But those who repeat the same stupid pattern of learning will remain in loop of learning. Like meditators sitting on the banks of every dirty river in India. They are from all over world, seeking peace. Expecting that fruit of peace will drop before them like an apple fell before Newton. Since they already know ‘how’ it will happen they have to wait. Forever.
The biggest hurdle in learning is what we already know. Continue reading

Karva chauth, the festival of marriage or husband in India

Only for boys; Girls may excuse us:

Karva Chauth is celebrated in large part of North Indian women, married or engaged. They fast from sunrise to moon rise. This fast is rigorous as it enjoins no food and no drink i.e. No water.
While it is claimed that it is celebrated for safety and welfare of husband or for prosperity by good harvest, presently it is a thanks giving festival. Yes. It is a ritual, the manner of execution of this ritual depicts as to how a wife feels about her life and marriage. It is not about husband alone as made out to be.

Thanks but no thanks.

The manner of celebration, if observed closely by husband, will give a clue as to how she feels about her life. Notice the difference from previous years. It is the variation from last year (go no further than last year) which is important. Extravaganza means she feels that she is in control of life which means family. Mere formality like festivities ritually adorned means she has accepted the life, means marriage, some how. Too much shouting all through the day on everybody except husband means husband is presumed guilty of something.
This observation must also take into account the age of marriage as well. An older marriage will automatically have lesser extravaganza than newly wed ones.
A careful observation can make an astute husband, a pandit of his marriage.


Do not try to discuss it over. Do not try to do anything on weather report. Just be patient. Weather keeps on changing. If it is winter it will be over, soon. Be more warm all the time. If it is springs, enjoy!

© Sandeep Bhalla