What is the height of hypocrisy politics in India?

Hipocrisy when translated in Hindi means ‘pakhand’ or पाखंड।

It means posing as someone who is not. Its earliest example is in Ramayan wherein Ravan posed as a sanyasi and abducted Sita. Politicians often do not practice what they preach.

If looked around, I find that Navjot Singh Siddhu is at the top. He has replaced Manmohan Singh in hypocrisy. Navjot was a cricketer who had played for India few decades back. After retirement he tried cricket commentary, perhaps with reasonable success. Then he became a “Laughter Host” a new position in a comedy show where he has to play a dummy host and laugh hilariously, sometimes to throw one liners. Then he joined BJP on side lines and became it’s member of Parliament, several times. In 2014 he was dropped but later he was compensated by nomination to upper house. After few months he flipped and joined Congress Party. See this video:

After saying all these jokes about Congress, he joined Congress Party and is now uniting Muslim votes for it. Siddhu started shouting Allah Ho Akbar, a slogan resisting which his religion Sikh-Khalsa was founded. All this to seek vote?

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