Did Shashi Tharoor suffer dyslexia too early in life?

I never knew that dyslexia could set in with age. But looking at Shashi Tharoor it appears dyslexia can set in with over exhaustion or old age or both. As per Wikipedia he was born in 1956 and that makes him 64 years of age.

I have a theory, backed by apparent evidence, that human beings are a specie who are born fine but start to become crazy with age. They become senile at 60 and by the time they cross 70 years of age they start planning destruction of world. Look at Xitler.

Dyslexia is a difficulty with short-term memory in a manner that a person may be able to recite every little detail about an incident that happened three years ago but forgets what happened yesterday.

Recently Congress leader Shashi Tharoor was speaking to his favourite country via video conferance and said:

“We look with envy across the border because you chaps seem to be having a rather pleasant time of it in terms of being able to return to normalcy. We are still facing many places where numbers are going up so there’s no sense yet of a peak having been reached and in some parts, including both the capital where I am now, and in my constituency of Thirvananthapuram in the extreme South, the numbers are worse than they have ever been.”

He however forgot to mention the State ruled by his party in coalition with other two other parties i.e. Maharashtra which has contributed 40% of infections in India. Read about it here. Due to his ailment (dyslexia) he almost forgot about it and carried on his ranting in these words:

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How to deal with Islamic rioters

After Bangluru it is Sweden

Last week it was riots in Bangluru over a perceived provocation. Yesterday it was Sweden. In the Swedish city of Malmo over 300 people had gathered and threw objects at the police and burnt car tyres, setting vehicles on fire. It is not the first and it would not be last. In 2010 a school was burnt down after Muslim immigrants were denied entry. In 2017 riots erupted just because President of USA referred to the migrant problem of Sweden.

Migrant problem of Sweden:

Sweden has taken in a large number of Muslim migrants from Syria and Iraq, the two countries torn by civil war. But it appears migrants could not leave the war behind and carry it with their minds. Rising crime graph of Sweden is another cause of concern especially in respect to crime against women. This has upset the native population as well.

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