Citizenship amendment and protest by Nasiruddin Shah and Munawwar Rana.

Citizenship Amendment Act grant accelerated citizenship to persecuted minorities from three neighbouring countries. It reduces the period of naturalization from 12 years to 6 years. Yet this limited measure of concession is being protested by only one community in India that is Muslims. Why?

The answer to the question keeps changing. At first it was blame that there is a disinformation campaign in which it was rumoured that Muslims for being stripped of their citizenship and would be thrown out of country. Outrageous lie it maybe, but the fact it was accepted by any muslim Indian is ludicrous.

There are protest at Shaheen Bagh a predominantly Muslim locality in Delhi who have obstructed important highway for now about 70 days causing thousands of commuters several hours of additional driving everyday.

To top it all three characters have entered the fray. Naseeruddin Shah is a famous movie actor who was in a kind of lead role in recent movie called Tashkent files. Next is Munawwar Rana the poet who is famous for is Urdu couplet on ‘Mother’ next is a former President of Aligarh Muslim University Student Union. The first two characters were subtle but the last one was candid about the motivation for protest. Before advertising to these characters latest first look back and see what happened last year.

The year of 2019: