Traffic Violation

Surety bond

Traffic violations are offences. If a driver of a an automobile violates a traffic Rule or Order he is liable to be prosecuted in the court of law. However most of the offences are compoundable (i.e. it can be compromised). The Police Officer who charges the money and issues the pink slip is actually the compounding officer and the payment you make is not the penalty but compounding fee. Now if we do not accept ourself as guilty, we can refuse to compound upon which the police officer shall have to send a complaint to the office of concerned magistrate who in turn shall summon us and conduct the trial into offence. However there is a practice prevailing that if we do not pay the compounding fee, the police officer retains our driving licence and sends it to concerned magistrate along with the complaint. It appears that deposit of driving licence is like a Surety Bond for appearance. I have tried to locate the source of power to ask for such Bond by way of driving licence but I could not find it in Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. Would some one enlighten me with the source of such power?

© Sandeep Bhalla

Tata Nano on fire

A new car catching fire is a serious matter.

Photo courtesy: Tata Motors

It seems that Tata’s cheapest small car Tata Nano is on some sort of record making spree, but for bad reasons. Another Nano car caught fire yesterday in Ahmedabad and with this the number now rose to eight of the car catching fire. Nano in question belonged to one Mr. Vipul Jain, a resident of Ahmedabad and caught fire in the afternoon while he was driving back home. The car was in flames in exactly the same fashion as the earlier Nano cars that caught fire, the rear of the car was in flames where the engine is located. (via Tata Nano on fire again in similar way in Ahmedabad, 8th incidence in a row.)

Are we not entitled to know the reports of all the incidents? This was 8th incident. Or was there no investigation but only a cover up? Who knows! Competition Commission is sleeping. Ministry of transportation is too busy running Railways. It is amazing that Automobile is such a big industry in India and there is no regulator to monitor standards except those ancient Motor Vehicle Rules.
A legal issue would be, if such fire happens after the expiry of warranty, would it be covered by insurance?