The war in Maharashtra is picking steam!

It is very rare to find the government in a state acting in a manner which seems to be aligned with the drug mafia. But it is all too apparent in Maharashtra.

Many months ago I had pointed out that a war had broken out in Maharashtra between the central government and the drug lord named as DALDA in a fictional work. According to this fictional work the dalda is also a prominent politician. I’m not sure if this politician is from Maharashtra but the DALDA has tremendous influence over the Government of Maharashtra. Look at the recent sequence of events.

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Black Money Law 2015: a non starter. 

Black Money Act 2015 being presented as panacea of reforms is a flop show. There is a fundamental principle of governance that without regulation and conducive atmosphere mere deterrence does not work. While this law is aimed at many things including money laundering, the most highlighted provision is the so-called encouragement to bring black money back to India. The present rate of income tax is 30%. The Black Money Law provide a taxation of 60% if the money is brought back to India. If however the undisclosed income is not brought back to country voluntary, there is further provision for penalties in addition to 60% taxation.

What purpose will this law fulfill:

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