Merry Christmas to all.

Merry Christmas 2019.

Little busy with my menuscript Intend to release the book in first week of January 2020.

Seasons greetings. Happy Holidays. See you around.

Merry Christmas 2014 without water.

Merry Christmas to all the readers.

Christmas is said to be a time or forgiveness and togetherness. In India unless a person is christian or has close links with a christian family, it is just another holiday in which churches are beautifully decorated. In India the counter-part of Christmas is Deepawali or Diwali. Any how, I would share a jest. This morning I received a SMS from somebody I do not know personally. it congratulated me in these words:

“Wish you a happy, prosperous and merry Christmas……”

The message apparently was written in the same fashion as a Diwali greeting which is festival of prosperity. Any how it shows the ignorance of us all about others. I wonder if I am correct about the first line I wrote above, about forgiveness and togetherness.

A cold, parched but moist Christmas:

Winter is here, in New Delhi and Northern India. This year it arrived late but abruptly. Continue reading

Merry Christmas 2012.

Merry Christmas.

Happy birthday Jesus.


Now more people ask for Santa Claus than Christ’s Mass. I wonder that if you come around, you may be asked to wear Santa’s Cap. Please note that Hebrew is not spoken in church. English will do better.


Please ignore old testament. Only New testament is read and referred, You would do well to remember it. Please do not dispute anything. It will start all over again. So please do not say anything.

The above pictures were shot at Basilica of Sardanah, A small township about 80 miles from Delhi, here:Basilica at SardanahOnce again, Merry Christmas to all.