The Monk who dismissed the Campaign of Media Mafia

The Monk vs. Media

Yogi Adityanath is monk and is Chief Minister of State of Uttar Pradesh as member of BJP, the ruling party. Had this State been a country, it would have been fifth largest country with population of 23 Crore (230 million).

The BJP and its allies have won 67 out of 75 seats of zila panchayat chairpersons. These are Rural Local Government Election which belies earlier claims that the BJP was a net loser in Panchayat Election held before the second wave of Covid. Zila panchayat chiefs are elected from among the elected members of zila panchayats. One interesting fact about these elections is that these were conducted by ballot papers and electric EVM were not used.

The fake media campaign flops.

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Chief of Defence Staff and his control over capital expenditure.

Happy New year to everyone.

Chief of defence staff:

General Bipin Rawat has taken over as India’s first chief of defence staff. As per the business rules as amended by the government of India, his department shall not have control over capital expenditure.

Capital expenditure:

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Who owns the Media in India?

Times of India:

As of now, Indu Jain is the Chairman and CEO of Bennett Coleman & Co Ltd which holds the TOI. The Times of India is Indian English newspaper owned by The Times Group . It is owned and published by Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd. which is owned by the Sahu Jain Family.

Both are owned by Bennett Coleman and Company Limited (BCCL), which is controlled by the Jain family. It owns Times Group, India’s largest media group. Since the ownership is dynastic, no wonder their editorial supports the dynastic political parties.

It is also often reported that Indu Jain is a follower of Sri Sri Ravishankar.

Republic TV:

Republic TV is a part of ARG Outlier Media Private Ltd., which was primarily funded by Rajeev Chandrasekhar, a Bharatiya Janata Party member of parliament in the Rajya Sabha and the vice-chairman of the Kerala wing of the National Democratic Alliance.

Arnab Goswami is the Chief Editor of the Republic TV and it’s Hindi channel Republic Bharat.

India Today and AajTak;:

India Today was established in 1975 (during Emergency) by Vidya Vilas Purie (owner of Thompson Press), with his daughter Madhu Trehan as its editor and his son Aroon Purie as its publisher.

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Main Stream Media hates demonetisation.

Fake News Mafia

Main Stream Media is now a propaganda machine for hire. Independence of journalism is a concept which is out of practice. It seems this is true not only for India but also in USA. One newspaper twisting same news headlines in two different ways! See the picture of Wall Street Journal below:

Editors & Journalists:

Editors who used to be humble beings now live in sprawling Mansions, travel in executive class and stay and dine in five star hotels. TV anchor driving Porsche is a new norm. Do news papers sell more now? How these journalists are making money?

Yesterday I read an article about economy which does not have a single numeric character. It suggested as if India has curfew like situation. But actually it is not. It is a business as usual for small transactions. Indian business is run on credit though settled in cash. Now people are making habit of carrying plastic or mobile wallet. See the market yesterday:

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Superfluous replaces the NEWS. Why read it.

After subscribing to newspapers for about 33 years I stopped reading it from this year. The reason that the news has hit its nadir. From information to sensationalism to entertainment to superfluous. I have seen all. Enough. Read on:

The protest was lodged after Henry made comments about the pronunciation of Delhi Chief MinisterSheila Dikshit’s name, the Dominion Post newspaper reported. The correct pronunciation is ‘DIKS-it’. Angry over the racist remarks against Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit on New Zealand’s prime news channel, External Affairs Minister S M Krishna is learnt to have asked South Block to summon its High Commissioner, Rupert Holborow, as New Delhi issued a “strong” demarche, demanding “demonstrative action” against the TV anchor. (source New Zealand envoy expresses ‘regret’ as India objects to Sheila slur.

Controversial Henry do not seek news but creates it with superfluous:

In March 2009, Henry caused offence by pointing out the facial hair of female guest anti-nuclear campaigner and Greenpeace worker Stephanie Mills.[4] TVNZ received a “handful” of complaints to which Henry was unrepentant stating “I certainly have no intention of apologising to people who have written in and complained. The key thing to me is what a fortunate life they must have that they can afford time and energy to complain about such an insignificant thing.”

In August 2009, Henry referred to homosexuals as “unnatural” causing a complaint to be laid with the Broadcasting Standards Authority.[5] In February 2010 the BSA declined to uphold the complaint.

In November 2009, Henry sparked controversy over comments he made about singer Susan Boyle and his on-air use of the term ‘retarded’ to describe her. His comments led to almost two hundred complaints to the Broadcasting Standards Authority, which regulates broadcast radio and television content within New Zealand.[6]

In October 2010, Henry was again the subject of complaints, after questioning whether the Governor-GeneralSir Anand Satyanand, was “even a New Zealander”. He went on to ask “Are you going to choose a New Zealander who looks and sounds like a New Zealander this time … are we going to go for someone who is more like a New Zealander this time?”[7][8] Sir Anand, who is of Indian descent, was born and raised in Auckland. Henry attracted criticism from public figures including Prime Minister John Key, whom Henry was interviewing when he made the remarks, Labour’s leader Phil Goff and New Zealand’s race relations commissioner Joris de Bres. Henry later issued a statement of apology for his comments.[7][9] After initially expressing its support for Henry, TVNZ announced the following day that it had suspended the presenter for two weeks without pay.[10]

Following the decision to suspend Henry, it also emerged that TVNZ had continued to promote a recent clip in which Henry referred to New Delhi‘s chief minister Sheila Dikshit as “the dip shit woman” and “Dick Shit“, going on to state that “it’s so appropriate, because she’s Indian, so she’d be dick-in-shit wouldn’t she, do you know what I mean? Walking along the street… it’s just so funny.”[11] New Zealand Indian Central Association president Paul Singh Bains said the fact that TVNZ was still promoting the clip on its website showed it had “totally lost the plot” and was insensitive to the offence Henry had caused.[12] Following at least four complaints against this video, TVNZ channel removed it from the ‘Video extras” section of their website. (source

Standard or journalism is falling to pathetic levels. May God help us in surviving it.