Adieus Manmohan Singh

The session of 17th Lok Sabha has started today and two previous prime ministers shall not be its member. Sh. Dev Gowda lost his election and Sh. Manmohan Singh’s term ended last Friday, unceremoniously. The aspirant to PM office Rahul Gandhi chose to play truant, as he always does on important occasions. He did appear later in the day to take oath of membership of new house.

The Dummy Prime Minister:

Never before in the history of modern democratic world, a fraud worse than Manmohan Singh has been perpetuated upon people of any country. At least not to my knowledge. See this video which amply demonstrates the point literally.

Befitting silent farewell:

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Tacit Confession of guilt by Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh on economic crises

The guilt:

The Congress Government headed by Prime Minister Dr. Man Mohan Singh has completed 8 years in office. Before that BJP was in Government for mere five years. Since independence of India in 1947 different Congress Governments have ruled for about five decades but to tackle with inflation has been its dismal failure on all occasions. The fact that Prime Minister admits that situation of the nation is as worse as it was in 1991 amounts to an admission of guilt because in 1991 he had blamed the misrule of other parties in last 3 years for the escalating fiscal problem. The fact that he and this Government is in power for 8 years and it could do nothing to prevent the situation, is nothing but an admission of guilt of mis-governance.

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Independence Day 2012, Celebrated in India, Seen in Bharat; Talked about: Nowhere.

Another day wasted.

Rhetoric and Kites soared high but subsided at the end of day. Speeches delivered more promises made without any remorse or apology for past unfulfilled promises. The protector stood within the protection of Glass while the protectees are to face wind, rain, inflation and capitalism on their own. Who is protecting whom? The pretence goes on. This is:

Independence Day 2012, Celebrated in India, Seen in Bharat; Talked about: Nowhere.

Occasions are made for a purpose. To make a day meaningful, not just eventful. But another opportunity is lost. For people of India and Bharat it is another holiday to immerse them away from problems. People of India now hardly bother to watch futile speeches on television, for they know the annual ritual means nothing beyond weightless words.
Bharat has another reason. If their is electricity, it is fun to watch something live. Further, when there is neither adequate food nor water nor electricity, patently false promises are something we want to believe. Like tooth fairy. Now that very little is to be lost, dreams can have no limitations. Once rhetoric is over it is time to get back to daily business. No one debates dreams. It comes in handy to relieve pain, when other hopes have failed. Continue reading