Can we change our life or luck?

Happy New Year 2017.

What is luck?

The word luck is often understood as some kind of miracle. Often luck is used as synonym of phrase “good fate”. Like wise bad fate is bad luck. Hindi word which has ascended on English vocabulary as well is KISMAT. 

Kismat encompasses everything what happens in a life time. From birth to death. Thus the word kismat is too broad. Thus if one believes in kismat s/he has to fatalistic and leave everything at the fate. But life does not play like that. We are posed with choices every moment and we choose our way forward.

I understand the kismat or luck or fate are relative to circumstances. When facing impossibility, all three are true. For example if I jump off a 30 story building, chances of death are certain and only some strange unforeseen event can prevent it but that is very unlikely too. So the question is:

What really is Kismat?

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Hope, belief and more!

Hope is a strange anchor. In a society structured on possessions, accumulations and competition, hope is always scouring for anchors. Dishonesty being the grinding teeth to produce and protect wealth; Astrologers and palmists grant an anchor of solace to the grieved while he waits patiently for Courts, Temples, Churches and God to deliver.
Is hope a habit or an act of desperation?

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