Individualism and free society

Freedom can not be absolute.

“Despite romantic rhetoric, freedom cannot be absolute. To argue for total choice (a meaningless concept) or total individuality is to argue against any for of community or society altogether. If each person, busily doing this thing, were to be wholly different from every other, no two humans would have any basis for communication. Continue reading

Journey from loneliness to aloneness.

Lonely StatuesLoneliness, anxiety, insomnia, despair, depression and aloneness.

We are all alone:

That is a fact. If we see our actions, carefully and with full attentiveness we shall find that all our actions are aimed at covering up the fact of loneliness. We are acquiring pets, making so-called friends, clinging to TV, stock piling houses with frivolous goods, attending every social event but we can not sit alone for an hour. But avoiding crude philosophy let us look into the problem of loneliness without going into its causes. To look into it from the point of a common man on the street.

Do you feel lonely:

Do you ever feel lonely? Most likely answer is ‘No’. Continue reading

Identity with work and loneliness!

Vocation becomes us.

Many years ago, I had bought a new car and one Sunday morning I just drove off. I met him over a cup of tea. He was undergoing/recovering from a bitter divorce and loss of twenty percent of net worth due to it. Explaining his routine and virtues of being single again, were the topics of conversation. Loss of weight and loss of purpose was visible.
We chatted about variety of subjects. He explained how he was focusing on business and realigning things. And said: ‘after all the work gives us the identity.’ It was an interesting presumption and a sumptuous food for thought. Continue reading