Installing Linux Mint on 32 GB USB drive with separate home folder.

Linux Mint/Ubuntu on 32 GB USB drive with persistent home folder.

Regular install attempt with Ubiquity:

With large capacity USB drives becoming cheap, it is axiomatic that an installation of Ubuntu/Linux should be desired thereon. That would be so nice to carry a pendrive in pocket instead of laptop. But it is not easy. On every try Regular installer of Mint 15, Olivia (13, Maya is a stable LTS version) ubiquity, the installer would crash and hang without a clue. A little research revealed an interesting paradoxical result. The USB in question was 3.0 and class 10 which is fastest, yet it was slower than the hard drive. As per specification the read speed was about 70 mb per second but write speed was 20 mb per second. Another problem is the way data is written on USB. To simplify suffice it to say, USB is not made for regular, long-term simultaneous r/w by OS. Speed becomes irrelevant. So what was the option?

A hybrid persistent ‘Live’ install with separate ‘home’: Continue reading