Libre/Kingsoft Office corrupt file read error!

Caption of LibreOfficeSince past about one year I had been using Kingsoft Office besides Libre Office and it has to be said that these remain minions before the might of word processing power of Microsoft Word. As far as smaller files are concerned Kingsoft Office is OK. But if file is large, say above 100 pages, it has problems. Limits of Libre office is slightly higher at 300 pages. However Kingsoft is a better previewer of .doc files. Libre Office distorts the preview of the files due to its lack of window fonts.
Both however have severe limitations about automated header, footer, indexes. And both ended up corrupting the files during manipulation of the fields/indexes.
What happened was that the program/app crashed and on restart it was unable to open/recover same file with the statement like ‘file error’ or ‘not the right file type’ leaving me with no option. Continue reading

Alternative to Libre Office or Microsoft Word in Linux.

Kingsoft-screenshotFinally a near alternative of Microsoft Office /Libre/Open etc. is available in Kingsoft Office which is available for all Debian based Distros like Ubuntu 13.04/12.10/12.04/Linux Mint 15/14/13. I have successfully installed it. It is also available in RPM package for Fedora and the like distros. The screen shot is on the left.

Kingsoft Office for Linux

Kingsoft Office is an office suite developed by Hongkong/Chinese software developer which was until now using the brand name WPS (with website at and appears to be an acronym for Writer, Presentation & Spreadsheet). Continue reading