Company Law in India

Company Law has a long history. Company like institutions in India, date back roughly to 800 BCE but certainly during Mouryan Empire (322 BCE to 185 BCE). Of course the corporations were also in existence during Roman times. The company law under British Rule evolved with company law in rest of the common wealth countries.


The book on Company Law:

Corporate law in India is no less complex than any other country governed by Anglo Saxon laws. Parliament of India has enacted a new law called Companies Act, 2013 which has consolidated many previous laws into one code. It also recognizes many institutions which were in existence but were not recognized by previous law of 1956.

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Advocates Act, 1961 with Professional Ethics: Kindle Book

Advocates Act, 1961 with Professional Ethics:

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Law governing legal profession in India.

Advocates Act, 1961 governs the legal profession in India. According to it there are two classes of lawyers entitled to practice law in India i.e. advocates and Senior Advocates. The Act has provisions for entry into profession as well as discipline and exit from profession. All the three aspects are looked after by the Bar Councils created under the Act which is a body of lawyers themselves. Bar Council also frames the Code of Conduct and Rules of Professional Ethics to be followed by every practicing lawyer. This book contains a specific chapter on Professional Ethics covering material from all over the Globe.

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Information Technology Act, 2000 for free.

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Information Technology Act, 2000.

A legal commentary on the provisions of Information Technology Act, 2000 as enacted by the Parliament of India. This statute primarily governs the law relating to Internet, Digital Communication and other such matters. This statute covers variety of new legal rights and liabilities apart from creating various authorities for enforcement of new rights and liabilities. Certain acts have been defined as offenses which are punishable with fine or imprisonment. This book, apart from the original enacted provisions of the statute also contains legal commentary on virtually every provision to assist the legal implications of each provision. Commentary also contains reference to existing case-law on the subject without confining itself to the courts of India and incorporating judicial precedents from all over the world. This is a 2006 edition (i.e. First Edition) of the book.

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