Shashi Tharoor’s Kerala is suffering!!

Shashi Tharoor is member of parliament from Thiruvantpuram, the capital of State of Kerala and he is very dissatisfied with the performance of India in Corona Pandemic. His party i.e. rules Punjab where the death toll is highest. The case fatality rate, as it is known, in Punjab is over 3% approx. as against national average of 1.5% approx. The learned MP had granted his constituency Oxyzen concentrators, though the same have not been delivered till recently. See this tweet:

Precarious Finances of Kerala

Kerala is facing a record fiscal deficit following the economic crisis triggered by the Covid pandemic. As per the evaluation made for the first quarter of the current financial year, the state’s fiscal deficit stood at 112.9 per cent which comes to the tune of 10,578 crores. It also pointed out that if financial assistance from the Centre including GST compensation if not received immediately, the state could plunge into a deep financial crisis in the coming days.

Impropriety in Governance:

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Kozhikode Airport mishap: Disasters waiting to happen due to negligence.

In the midst of the Corona virus crisis, a plane crash occurred in Kerala late Friday evening, which shook everyone.

Air India Express aircraft carrying 190 people from Dubai under the Vande Bharat Mission skidded on runway at Karipur Airport in Kozhikode while landing and after slipping, the aircraft fell into a ditch about 50 feet deep in the valley adjacent to the airport and broke into two. In this incident, 20 people including the pilot of the aircraft have died, while many passengers have been injured.

Actually, the Air India Express plane fell into the ditch after it slipped on the runway during the landing amid heavy rains on Friday, after which the aircraft was split into two parts, killing 20 people on board.

Police and Airlines officials said the dead included Chief Pilot Captain Deepak Sathe (he was the wing commander in the Indian Air Force earlier) and his co-pilot Akhilesh Kumar. Sathe. Air India Express said in a statement released at midnight, “Unfortunately the pilots have died and in this hour of grief we are in touch with their families.” Continue reading

Kerala bar owners bribed SC judge to retain licences: MP


Yet another bribe!

Senior Congress leader from Kerala, K Sudhakaran, has alleged that in 1994, a Supreme Court judge had pocketed Rs 36 lakh to lift a Kerala High Court ban on 21 bar licences in the state. Sudhakaran, who represents Kannur in the Lok Sabha, said though he did not have any proof to back his allegation, he was ready to disclose the name of the judge and other details in a court if asked to do so. (Source:

Justice Ratnavel Pandian, a former acting Chief Justice of Madras High Court who retired as a Supreme Court justice 17 years ago, denied all charges terming them:

“baseless and mischievous”.  “I am terribly shocked and surprised to see the news coming from an honourable MP. I strongly and firmly deny this allegation as baseless, mischievous and false. I am thinking of taking legal action in the appropriate forum, both criminal and civil.  But before that I would like to see the copy of the judgement and the full text of the MP’s speech. Eighteen years after demitting office as an SC judge, I don’t remember the case and the kind of judgement I rendered,” (Read more at:

Whether judge can be prosecuted or not but the person brokering the deal can be prosecuted as abettor. Delay of 18 years could be condoned. But nothing will happen because the truth does not matter any more. If it came out that Judge was indeed bribed, it will affect the credibility of institution.

Hence nothing will be done. Corruption is the real cement which is keeping every institution together.