Sorry is enough? It is a sorry state of affairs.


© Sandeep Bhalla

Helpless Judiciary in Administration.

This is all the Supreme Court say on allegations of blatant corruption:

“We are sorry to say a lot of complaints are coming against certain judges of the Allahabad High Court relating to their integrity. Some judges have their kith and kin practicing in the same court,” stated the SC. The court also added, “and within a few years of starting practice the sons or relations of the judges become multi- millionaires, have huge bank balances, luxurious cars, huge houses and enjoy a luxurious life.”

There can not be any hope if this is how such matters are dealt with. We need a Bill of Right from Judiciary for they are so independent in India that they recruit themselves, they discipline (so-called) themselves and say sorry when cornered but do not improve as an institution.