A new trend in judicial dishonesty!

The fact that Corruption is rampant in India is no more a matter of debate but is a matter of fact. Judiciary is equally affected by corruption as any other sector. Almost every Chief Justice of India, who has retired in past decade or so was subsequently alleged to have abused his position to favour friends and relatives. This month celebrates anniversary of judicial Martial Law imposed by then Chief Justice Y K Sabharwal, in respect of commercial/office use of properties while his own children were using his official residence as registered offices of their newly formed companies. This was subsequently revealed by press alongwith the information that the sons of Subharwal made billions from the horror created by his orders. I was also a victim but that tale can wait another time.
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Legal Joke: Conception and Delivery!

It was a long time ago, a friend narrated this joke to me by naming real characters i.e. the name of judge and the name of lawyer. The judge was humorous. Therefore it is possible that this may be real joke or real life PJ, but I am not sure. However the joke is hilarious.
Judgments of the court are pronounced in open court. Some time dictated in open court as well. Some time rather often, judges hear the arguments and reserve the judgment and ‘deliver’ the judgment on a later date. Continue reading