Megyn Kelly, Kejriwal and Donald Trump in Information Age.

Seeking information in this era.

Information Age is the era we live in. Information gathering was never so fast. In 1966 when Star Trek , a ScFi TV show  was launched the dream of information age was first envisaged. Star trek had a talking computer which could answer back any information which was asked to it. In 50 years of Star Trek, we have crossed into the era where information can be sought from computer by asking the right question on the phone itself. It is called Google Now on Android phone and Siri on iPhone. But I wonder if the Megyn Kelly, Arvind Kejriwal and Donald Trump knows about it. They seem to be too self obsessed to notice anything. But ladies first.

When Megyn Kelly met PM Modi in Russia.

Megyn Kelly is supposed to be a journalist. Therefore it is also supposed that if she is going to interview a politician, who would do her home work. Which now days can be done on phone itself. In few minutes one can find out about any person by looking at social profile on facebook and twitter etc.

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Freedom of expression or freedom to bleed through thousand cuts.

Making India bleed through thousand cuts:

Zia-ul Haq, the then dictator of Pakistan had formulated the above policy to make India bleed through a thousand cuts after he realised that Pakistan can not win any conventional war with it’s mighty neighbour. Search the above phrase and there will be hundreds of articles highlighting above policy and concluding that the terrorism unleashed through borders is the result of that policy. They are only half correct. Terrorism is official policy of Pakistan to deal with all neighbours.

The creation of ‘Pakistan’ which literally mean “Pure Land” is itself is a hate speech to the rest of world which is automatically termed impure. But the task of Islam/Pakistan is not complete.The Pakistan looks for “Takmeel-e-Pakistan” which means perfection. It will happen when all the Muslim in the world comes together. Can you guess what this “togetherness” will do? No marks for guessing. It is a hush talk of what ISIS dare to speak without mincing words.

The creation of Pakistan saw murder of million and exodus of Millions of Hindu/Sikh/minorities other than Muslims from West Punjab (and East Bengal) which was declared Pakistan. A state born with violence and whose first policy decision was to attack its minorities and second was to attack Kashmir, can not be expected shun violence. Therefore the crucial question is: “What are the above said thousand cuts?

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Journalism with sensational narrative. 

Journalist with opinion is a dangerous cocktail.

Term journalist include reporters who reports facts from the ground zero, editors who decide priority and news worthiness, columnists who analyse and give opinions as also the photographers who add spice to dry written pages. Drawing conclusions from facts is part of the job of columnists but of late news reporting also started to give tacit conclusions. Worse happens when many possible conclusions can be reached. The cocktail of news with conclusion was intoxicating enough but now the meth of news is also here.

In the world of 24×7 news channels news anchors, talk show anchors and videographers add to the term of journalists. Hindi word for journalists is Patrakar which literally means words or letter writer. In this century there is a new class of journalists which are new stars of TV news and who earn the political leverage and money like a mass scale marketing strategists.

The Presstitutes:

Presstitutes is a new word coined in India

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Superfluous replaces the NEWS. Why read it.

After subscribing to newspapers for about 33 years I stopped reading it from this year. The reason that the news has hit its nadir. From information to sensationalism to entertainment to superfluous. I have seen all. Enough. Read on:

The protest was lodged after Henry made comments about the pronunciation of Delhi Chief MinisterSheila Dikshit’s name, the Dominion Post newspaper reported. The correct pronunciation is ‘DIKS-it’. Angry over the racist remarks against Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit on New Zealand’s prime news channel, External Affairs Minister S M Krishna is learnt to have asked South Block to summon its High Commissioner, Rupert Holborow, as New Delhi issued a “strong” demarche, demanding “demonstrative action” against the TV anchor. (source New Zealand envoy expresses ‘regret’ as India objects to Sheila slur.

Controversial Henry do not seek news but creates it with superfluous:

In March 2009, Henry caused offence by pointing out the facial hair of female guest anti-nuclear campaigner and Greenpeace worker Stephanie Mills.[4] TVNZ received a “handful” of complaints to which Henry was unrepentant stating “I certainly have no intention of apologising to people who have written in and complained. The key thing to me is what a fortunate life they must have that they can afford time and energy to complain about such an insignificant thing.”

In August 2009, Henry referred to homosexuals as “unnatural” causing a complaint to be laid with the Broadcasting Standards Authority.[5] In February 2010 the BSA declined to uphold the complaint.

In November 2009, Henry sparked controversy over comments he made about singer Susan Boyle and his on-air use of the term ‘retarded’ to describe her. His comments led to almost two hundred complaints to the Broadcasting Standards Authority, which regulates broadcast radio and television content within New Zealand.[6]

In October 2010, Henry was again the subject of complaints, after questioning whether the Governor-GeneralSir Anand Satyanand, was “even a New Zealander”. He went on to ask “Are you going to choose a New Zealander who looks and sounds like a New Zealander this time … are we going to go for someone who is more like a New Zealander this time?”[7][8] Sir Anand, who is of Indian descent, was born and raised in Auckland. Henry attracted criticism from public figures including Prime Minister John Key, whom Henry was interviewing when he made the remarks, Labour’s leader Phil Goff and New Zealand’s race relations commissioner Joris de Bres. Henry later issued a statement of apology for his comments.[7][9] After initially expressing its support for Henry, TVNZ announced the following day that it had suspended the presenter for two weeks without pay.[10]

Following the decision to suspend Henry, it also emerged that TVNZ had continued to promote a recent clip in which Henry referred to New Delhi‘s chief minister Sheila Dikshit as “the dip shit woman” and “Dick Shit“, going on to state that “it’s so appropriate, because she’s Indian, so she’d be dick-in-shit wouldn’t she, do you know what I mean? Walking along the street… it’s just so funny.”[11] New Zealand Indian Central Association president Paul Singh Bains said the fact that TVNZ was still promoting the clip on its website showed it had “totally lost the plot” and was insensitive to the offence Henry had caused.[12] Following at least four complaints against this video, TVNZ channel removed it from the ‘Video extras” section of their website. (source

Standard or journalism is falling to pathetic levels. May God help us in surviving it.