A great cook and admirers!

An honest conversation between two friends.

Two friends talk:

First: Why there are stray dogs, animals and crows etc. squatting out at pavement near your dining room window, everyday morning?

Reply: My wife is a great cook and these are  admirers of her art, on this planet.

First friend: Does your wife know?

Reply: No but rest of family does.

(Liberty to laugh)

Legal Joke: Conception and Delivery!

It was a long time ago, a friend narrated this joke to me by naming real characters i.e. the name of judge and the name of lawyer. The judge was humorous. Therefore it is possible that this may be real joke or real life PJ, but I am not sure. However the joke is hilarious.
Judgments of the court are pronounced in open court. Some time dictated in open court as well. Some time rather often, judges hear the arguments and reserve the judgment and ‘deliver’ the judgment on a later date. Continue reading