Demography of Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh.

Statistics and Hard Facts:

Erestwhile State of J&K (now UT) in India has an Area of 101380 sq Km. This however excludes the area annexed by Pakistan.

Kashmir : 15%
Jammu : 26%
Ladakh : 59%

85,000 sq Km comprising 85% area is not Muslim Majority.

Population – 1.25 Crores

Kashmir : 69 Lakhs. (Only 55 Lakhs speak Kashmiri. Rest 13 lakhs speak Non kashmiri languages.)

Jammu : 53 Lakhs.
(Language: Dogri, Punjabi, Hindi)

Ladakh : 03 Lakhs. (Ladakhi language)

This does not include 1.5 million people settled in Jammu who do not have citizenship due to article 35-A.

There are 22 districts in J&K. Out of which only 5 Districts where separatists are active:

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