A visit to FIITJEE and Review.

Conundrum of FIITJEE coaching culture:

( by Sandeep Bhalla )

What is FIITJEE and what it does:

FIITJEE is a preparatory coaching institute. It has an excellent marketing model to sell its products even if its integrity in making the claims, it makes, is doubtful. FIIT-JEE is a commercial, private, limited liability company. It provides science and maths coaching to students from class 6th onwards to class 12th. It claims that it prepares children in class 6 to 8 for science and maths so that they may prepare for National Talent Hunt or Science Olympiad etc. As regards class 9 to 12, they are to be prepared for entrance examination for prestigious IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) and JEE (Joint Engineering Entrance Examination) Govt. subsidized Engg. College. Those who want to pursue Medicine are switched to Biology after class 10. Though it claims that it’s study is integrated with CBSE i.e. normal school study, its effect is yet to be seen and felt.

Admission to FIITJEE:

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