New Year 2013 wallpaper I propose to use this month for my desktop.

In this gloomy, dark and hazy weather, this wallpaper appears to be more suitable for this month:

New Year 2013 Wallpaper

Photo editor, image viewer, size compression, manipulation or organization in Linux for free!

Pictures, Photographs or images are the second most important data after documents. For professional photographers, documents are secondary. Handling of images in Linux is very simple matter with a variety of open source programs and all are absolutely free. Image organizers, in Linux are far more superior to any other comparable system. Unfortunately there is no comprehensive guide at one place for the beginner or new user. Over years I have been trying various image processing software and here I have attempted to include as many as possible. These can be installed on Ubuntu and its derivatives and all Linux systems (with ‘apt-get’ command or Ubuntu Software Center or Synaptic Package Manager) or by downloading from the source given at the wiki page.

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