Human-shaped mobile phone


To the left is the picture of a talking doll like robot called ‘Telenoid R-1‘ developed by Japanese research company Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International (ATR).
Now on same shape they have developed a mobile phone with a skin-like outer layer that enables users to feel closer to those on the other end. (See the images hanging on the wall in picture) The body resembles a human being but its design is so blurred that it could be taken as either male or female and young or old. It is called ‘Elfoid’. Rumor has it that it will run on Android OS.

The prototype, slightly bigger than the size of a palm, features an outer coating that feels like human skin. A speaker is installed in the head of the doll-like gadget and a light-emitting diode in its chest turns blue when the phone is in use and red when it is in standby mode.

We want human touch everywhere but find it difficult to live with humans. Such a loneliness.