Happy holi 2016.

Festival of Holi is associated with fun and frolic. It is a day when restraints and restrictions are forgotten but to an extent. A day of catharsis. Forcibly colouring each other gives a catharsis to violence. Therefore Happy Holi to all.
There is another aspect of this festival of colours. It also doubles as fools day like 1st April. Therefore it is OK to deceive somebody for fun so long it is harmless.
Sometimes the catharsis and fun exceed limits especially crime prone violent patched of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar and then police steps in.

Another interesting aspect is complete shut down of public transport till afternoon. But today one is free to roam around any where with a bottle of beer or whatever and you are forgiven. Even police ignores today and drinking in Public Places like Gardens is frequent. Like a permitted anarchy for one day. Come tomorrow and it would be a different day.
I always wonder as to why Halloween has atleast three letters from Holi?  Just a coincidence or some one got inspired from Holi. After all all serous players are unrecognisable in afternoon.
Holi is also the simplest of all festival. Play with perfumed and organic colours. If less fortunate play with normal chemical colours. If poor play with water or worse mud. Nobody is left out.
Whatever you do but do eat Gujiya. That is a must. How can a festival be celebrated in India without sweets.