Why are you sad and negative?

Do you ever say ‘WOW’?

A friend has asked such questions. According to her, this blogger is a negative person who finds fault with everything. At best this blog offers dark humor and at worst it looks at things upside down. The most despicable is the facetious attitude towards the human emotions. In the end the same question prefixed by another ‘Are you never happy for anything? Questions may sound many but essentially it is a single question. And answer is in full public glare.

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Karva chauth, the festival of marriage or husband in India

Only for boys; Girls may excuse us:

Karva Chauth is celebrated in large part of North Indian women, married or engaged. They fast from sunrise to moon rise. This fast is rigorous as it enjoins no food and no drink i.e. No water.
While it is claimed that it is celebrated for safety and welfare of husband or for prosperity by good harvest, presently it is a thanks giving festival. Yes. It is a ritual, the manner of execution of this ritual depicts as to how a wife feels about her life and marriage. It is not about husband alone as made out to be.

Thanks but no thanks.

The manner of celebration, if observed closely by husband, will give a clue as to how she feels about her life. Notice the difference from previous years. It is the variation from last year (go no further than last year) which is important. Extravaganza means she feels that she is in control of life which means family. Mere formality like festivities ritually adorned means she has accepted the life, means marriage, some how. Too much shouting all through the day on everybody except husband means husband is presumed guilty of something.
This observation must also take into account the age of marriage as well. An older marriage will automatically have lesser extravaganza than newly wed ones.
A careful observation can make an astute husband, a pandit of his marriage.


Do not try to discuss it over. Do not try to do anything on weather report. Just be patient. Weather keeps on changing. If it is winter it will be over, soon. Be more warm all the time. If it is springs, enjoy!

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10 Top tips to remain happy ever after!

An unhappy or depressed feeling.

So we are not feeling happy today. Sorry I got it wrong. We are unhappy today, Oh it is worse we are depressed over this pathetic life, selfish & thankless people, cruel boss, nagging or ignorant spouse or what not. We have ample to choose from the menu to be unhappy on any single day. If we want to get any better let us understand the world around us.

Recognize 10 Truths of life:

  1. Every human on this planet and elsewhere is like us. The only difference is our/his experiences and its interpretation.
  2. We can not control the future. It is evolving in its own mysterious ways.
  3. Humans are inherently selfish. In fact this selfishness is built-in to save us from destroying ourselves and to take good care of ourselves like animals. But we have a problem of greed. We want to accumulate anything or everything for some future use.
  4. We are like apes i.e. monkey. We must visit Zoo once in a while to observe monkeys. Like them we can not resist to copy others. In fact this behaviour is an industry called Fashion. We wear things, eat and drink things that hurt, just because it is in fashion. Continue reading

Money! How much to earn? Why earn at all?

Money, Money, Money.

When it comes to setting target to earn, mind recalls all those expenses we had been postponing and the amount, which could cover all that, looks reasonable. However imagining an exact monthly income or a corpus amount is not feasible. Actually it is feasible but no one stops at that target even if it brings discomfort.

So what is this contraption called Money?

Money, indisputably is an important factor in life. Money not only affects the choices we make but also shapes the habits which define our character rather ourselves. Money defines our frequent social circle, in long run and relationships at any given time.
Of course there are exceptions. Few people remain as tasteless as ever notwithstanding the accumulated wealth. They continue to live in same dinghy ranch, day in and day out, without even thinking to move to more comfortable premises. They would ride same 30 years old vehicle and wear same clothes. These are people who live in extreme insecurity and can only spend in hospitals. This talk is not for those misers. Their children will love them when they are dead.
There is another type according to whom, why make effort to earn more when one can survive with less. They earn for the need of body and not for mind. This post is not about those people either.
Here I am concerned with normal people.

What is normal?

At the beginning of career, what a person need, is a job in the same field as expected. Just a job. But the problem is that every person is always on a lookout for job. There is a person whom I know for last four years. He happens to be in finance industry especially in share/commodity/currency trading. He has already handed me eight different visiting cards in last four years.
The truth is we are all running and chasing every opportunity to make money. Knocking at every door, closed or open, if there is a prospect of money.

Why this chase?

One stupid answer is that with more money there is security against disease. Normal illnesses can be taken care with regular insurance. Some chronic illnesses are better taken care with healthy lifestyle. Critical and life threatening or physical challenging health problems do require lot of financial support. But should I start planning for that? This is the most hopeless way to approach life.
But chasing targets is what we have been taught (see Military Kinder Garden) and this is what we know. Hence this is what we do. So what is the problem? Nothing as long it keeps a person happy.


Now here lies the crux of problem. Every person whom I ask ‘Are you happy?’ answers that he is happy but soon he would be more happy!
This appears to be a riddle. How something which can not be measured or weighed, can be more or less?
Some persons whom I asked the above question answered that they never thought about it. They are so busy that they have no time to think about anything, but their work.
Actually happiness is like health. There is no definition of being healthy. If we have no illness, we are healthy. Similarly absence of pain or hurt or unhappiness is the happiness. But the more we chase, more we try to accumulate money, we end up accumulating more hurt and pain along with money.

More Research

Money can provide ample comfort to the body and it should be that way only. But it must not become a burden of indulgence or sedentary lifestyle. Earning money at the cost of health is plain stupidity. Straining for 12-14 hours everyday having no time for ourselves? One can certainly lose health and gain money but money can not bring back the health. The comfort provided by Money must not make life sedentary for that is the single most cause for most of the diseases.

Ambiguity and Uncertainty is the only truth. accumulation of Money brings no security and no certainty. So what is this chase. Attempt to control future? Attempt to run away from ourselves, our miseries, our pains and hurts which we give to each other? Hide ourselves in shopping of numerous things, we are going to use for few times then forget? Why is this chase? Or is it that once we enter into this rat race, we simply can not step away from it? Choose the reason. Result is same.

Lyrics: Abba-Money Money Money

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Ignorance to lifestyle related health problems

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Meaningful living!

Purpose of life.

What is meaningful living. Is it living for some purpose? Is it living to achieve something? Is it helping others? Is it living for glory of a cause, nation or organisation or self glorification? Does it involve any particular way of life or following certain rules, principles or performing certain rituals? Answers require a deep introspection and keen observation of people around us. History also adds its help.

So long mind has questions, quest goes on.

Living for various purposes or in various manners is being tried by people around us and they all claim to be peaceful and happy. It is only when we go near or meet or interact more frequently that we notice the truth. From plain hypocrisy to pain bellowing from concealed wounds even if denied off hand. They are people who would rather be at some place other than the place giving meaning. Why?
Do this swinging balls of rock in space, called planets, have a purpose? Does every tree that does not provide, fruit is meaningless? Animals exist so that we may feast?
It appears that too much emphasis on me is the problem. We are all serving this purpose even if we do not know; even if this purpose is not our purpose.

Health or social life if a purpose

To me, to keep this body nourished and healthy is sufficient. To deal with everyone in the manner, I would deal with myself, is end of morality and religion. It is a big challenge to deal with known crooks and thugs fairly i.e. without being pre-judgement and I may fail as always.
Purpose or meaning of life is the slogan given on this planet by every dictator, emperor or tyrant whether religious or warrior; to dominate others or to commit atrocities on human beings. Hence it is better to stay away from this brain washing stuff.
There is really nothing more pleasant than to inhale and exhale pure air that too without reason!

Just another lazy thought on lazy Sunday.

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