email scam: an attempt to swindle me!

email scam: beware of this proforma

This is an email which rightly reached my spam folder. But it is hilarious. All names and addresses are correct except the email addresses, which actually matter. I wonder how many gullible people fell for this trap. Ha-ha.

Contents of scamming email:

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A question for billionares who sign a pledge to let go their riches!

Premji first Rich Indian to sign a pledge to let go his riches!

It is an enormous gesture on the part of Premji even if we do not understand true nature of his pledge. The meaning of philanthropy is as varied as the meaning of barbarian, Premji is the third richest Indian as his wealth is estimated to be about Rs 870,000,000,000. or about USD 15 Billion. There are about 105 individuals who have pledged to let go their cumulative wealth of about 500 billion USD. More details can be seen at “givingpledge dot org.” Problem in India and elsewhere is implementation of charity.

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Tourism: A Grift called tour management.

It was a sad Sunday. For nearly six years I have never spent so much mental energy as today. I was ashamed. There is a Hindu epic called Ramayana or the story of Rama. The legendary Sita as she is revered as ‘Mother Sita’, when questioned about her chastity roars to mother earth to open her womb so that she may retrace back to her. As the legend has it, the earth splits and Mother Sita descended into her mother and vanished.
I wished whole day but the mother earth did not comply. Certainly because I was guilty. There is no greater guilt than not admitting the guilt. So what was it?

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Network Marketing grift scheme


The above picture is about a crowd waiting outside a gathering place for participation in a meeting relating to network marketing. All these people are young and energetic. Due to their chattering the air was filled with din. All these people would be asked to purchase a small kit or something and would be told to involve more networkers who will sell the products and they will earn without doing anything. Now that is the key: `without doing anything`. Nobody can grift a person who does not expect something for nothing.
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How corporate Grifters, Thugs and Conmen dupe us all the times.

Grifters, Thugs, Conmen, Swindlers or Scamesters, by whatever name called, follow one principle that the people who do not know how to retain their money, do not deserve to possess it. They utterly lack any center of morality, when it comes to money. A person with money is their target or the mark. Grifter works by generating confidence. Once the mark or target trusts the grifter, the move is made to accept the asset moved by mark under confidence.
Sound familiar? Not yet? Wikipedia defines this trick or scam it as:

A confidence trick is an attempt to defraud a person or group after first gaining their confidence. A confidence artist is an individual operating alone or in concert with others who exploits characteristics of the human psyche such as dishonesty, honesty, vanity, compassion, credulity, irresponsibility, naïveté or greed.

Corporate Grifters:

The corporate grifters rob people with two kinds of justifications or explanation:
1. It is the market force or something beyond their control
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