Pain, Pain, Pain and Relationships

Human relationships:

Nothing else seem more complicated than human relationships. Every single person is impregnant with pain caused by relationships. The nature of relationship is irrelevant. One could be related by blood, marriage, carnal pleasure or just friendship; it is all the same.
Is it really so complicated? I do not think so. Our thinking process makes it complicated.
The only principle of fairness is Reciprocation. I must not do something to you, which I would not like you to do to me. The second part is returning the favour. So far everyone would agree.
The problem starts when we justify the departure from above principle on the ground of special or exceptional circumstances.
Thereafter the worst part arrives: Judgement of reasons. Yes I will judge your special circumstances and will find you guilty most of the times, if not always. You will judge my reasons and will decide against me.
What next? Retribution and revenge in the name of fairness. Manipulation, deceit, lies and treachery are elevated to justified means to achieve the object. Relationship becomes a war. Every interaction an opportunity to strike. Strange part is that it just start to happen almost spontaneously. Often in a spur of moment, in the face of opportunity.
Result is pain, more pain, even more pain. So what to do?

Say No

Say No Get out with simple straight forward ‘NO’. No is a very powerful defence if properly and selectively used. The moment we can see that we are being judged, say no and get out of there. And don’t judge others. Keeping affairs of life and relationships, simple, does help. This the general concept of solution and not a blue print to triumph relationship. Even otherwise Conquering is alien to living. Conquerors do not live. Only their campaigns live. They die the moment campaign is born.
Happy living.
Just another lazy Thought on lazy Sunday.

Rationality and greed

Parenting the greed

We the humans take great pride in declaring that we are rational beings, since the time of Aristotle. But not only he missed the truth but he left a legacy of understanding which has led generation after generation to be under this mistaken belief. The truth is that we can always act first on our whim and rationalize our conduct later.
As parents it is our duty to be role models for our children  but we fail to lead the way to show them how to acquire new skills because we have ourselves lost the capacity to learn. All we know is how to operate in a same pattern every day and let money generate from this pattern. We are so blinded by this attraction for money that it seems to be the only  purpose of existence. This greed becomes the anchor of psychological security.
In practice however it is the smartness to survive your changing friends and foes, in a greedy world really helps to keep you out of trouble.

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