Communication, gossip and speech.

About speech:

Speech is unique gift to humans. Other creatures can only yearn for speech while few may imitate human speech without understanding a word.
We take our speech for granted. However communication with speech is not always easy, we have already seen that. So what we do when we are not really trying to communicate?

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Do not spoil the carpet!

Rich woman with poor past and temperament.

It must be many years ago, may be 6-7 years ago. There was a property dispute and under orders of the court we had to visit the residence of a litigating party alongwith two officers appointed by the court and the lawyers of that party.
We reached as per plan. It was a palatial Banglow in one of the most posh localities. The dispute was also about billions. We were seated in a dining room with about 16 seat table and a lot of murals, statutes and artifacts collected in the room. It looked more like a small store house with a lot of empty space in between, to keep the table. An apparent display of wealth in clumsiness. Continue reading