Are we friends now?

Friendship is a relative word. Every acquaintance is not a friend but all friends are acquaintances. Though there may be invisible friends as well, but who indeed is a friend?

Who is a friend?

Definition of ‘friend’ is very dynamic. It changes from situation to situation, age to age and even place to place. But one thing is common. A person whom I can treat as friend must not have an interest hostile to me. Hostility does not necessarily relate to physical violence but also includes financial adverse interest. Continue reading

Need to become somebody, extraordinary!

Fallen-treeThe desire to become extraordinary is a very ordinary desire, common to all people. The question which struck me was how it started and why can’t we let go off it?
In another springs like this, it dawned on me that the competitive spirit to run better than you next friend is inculcated in us from childhood. All Kinder Gardens are military training camps. (Click on last sentence to read more about it.) Thus from childhood we are trained to run, to do better, to compete, to be superior, to excel. (Whatever that means because it varies from person to person.) Continue reading

Surviving the Saviours!

A call from saviour.

Life is a continuous affair of activities till it is passed on to another without any interruption due to death of one or many. The division of day and night is a convenient way to rest in between. The sleep that night did not rejuvenate because of the urgency to dwell into a long phone call. Late night phone calls or television or any such activity disturbs the pattern of sleep.
So here it was. A call from an elderly friend who was concerned about an aspect related to me was to be returned. The trouble was that she was acting on behalf of a saviour. Not of a religious kind but yet a modern saviour. Continue reading

When Umbrella becomes the closest relative


It appears that clouds and rain had a date with sun. It started with heavy rain which was more of a deluge. We had to take the dots out of emergency water exits. It started a little after 5, with sun rise, showed its fury and slowed down. After a while the torrential spell of rain appeared with thundering and lightening. Perhaps furious at office going crowd which ventured despite early warning. It was the day when Umbrella became the closest relative. Office goers and commuters had a real experience of rainy reason.
Continue reading

A great cook and admirers!

An honest conversation between two friends.

Two friends talk:

First: Why there are stray dogs, animals and crows etc. squatting out at pavement near your dining room window, everyday morning?

Reply: My wife is a great cook and these are  admirers of her art, on this planet.

First friend: Does your wife know?

Reply: No but rest of family does.

(Liberty to laugh)