Do you need me or just feel lonely?

Message behind Forwarded SMS

It was second sms in three days. Both were forward type philosophy. Two SMS in two years that two within three days from a person with whom there used to be talk on phone for at least three times a day. It made me worried. I called up. Everything seemed OK. Shall know more about it soon.

Intrinsic value of relationships

Relationships have no intrinsic value but are relative to circumstances. It took a long time to understand it and even longer to see the inevitability of this fact. Continue reading

Caress of the summer of 2013.


Golden leaves have started to fall. A few here and a few there. Not yet plenty. Summer breathes again. Soon it will be out of hibernation. Grass will be golden. Trees will be barren and it will be time to taste the sweet mango and melons yet again.
Welcome my friend. Welcome again in 2013. We are working to embrace you.
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