Sino-American Trade war and its supposed end!!

Globalization was never true:

The newspapers are gaga over a statement at recently concluded G20 summit that USA and China will sit and talk and would not impose fresh tariffs, for the present. The last part itself clarify that move is temporary. Actually the Globalization was stillborn. It was pushed out of desperation of stagnant economy of USA and Europe. Now that both have seen an upward trajectory, globalization has taken a back seat. Further the economic cost of low tariffs and high budget deficit has forced USA to rethink. (Sorry to disappoint those who blame Trumpocalapse) USA with its 1 trillion dollor deficit and debt to GDP ratio of 70% is no more a fianancial super power, it was about 30 years back.

History has a tendency to repeat itself.

History repeats due to ignorance of majority of people or not but the fact is that it repeats itself; even if it does not repeat at the same place. It is therefore important that we study history of the entire globe especially of India which is at a war for survival of its civilization for last 1000 years. In many ways, the war is still going on.

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