Journalism with sensational narrative. 

Journalist with opinion is a dangerous cocktail.

Term journalist include reporters who reports facts from the ground zero, editors who decide priority and news worthiness, columnists who analyse and give opinions as also the photographers who add spice to dry written pages. Drawing conclusions from facts is part of the job of columnists but of late news reporting also started to give tacit conclusions. Worse happens when many possible conclusions can be reached. The cocktail of news with conclusion was intoxicating enough but now the meth of news is also here.

In the world of 24×7 news channels news anchors, talk show anchors and videographers add to the term of journalists. Hindi word for journalists is Patrakar which literally means words or letter writer. In this century there is a new class of journalists which are new stars of TV news and who earn the political leverage and money like a mass scale marketing strategists.

The Presstitutes:

Presstitutes is a new word coined in India

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