India 2019: Will Narendra Modi Win?

A political analysis of democracy in India

India will undertake the largest democratic electoral exercise on Earth starting in April 2019. It is the 16th exercise in last 70 years of it’s independence. At least seven times out of those 16 (in 1989, 1991, 1996, 1998, 1999, 2004 and 2009), that is in last 30 years preceding 2014 no single party attained clear majority in Parliament.

Life is a circle. So is politics. It often appears that new things are happening but if a person has lived long enough, the things are repetitive. In last about 70 years, the democracy in India has evolved into a noisy arrangement of governance and misgovernance. This book looks into past from the prism of today.

It is also a political discussion about issues and factors which will influence the General Elections being held in India and evaluates the prospects of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his party, the BJP, winning again in 2019.
It is not a report card of performance of the Modi Government. In fact politics is not just numbers and democracy is not just about issues and performance. Had it been so, elections would have been far more predictable than seasons. Not that seasons are all that predictable in this era of climate change, but at least we know what to expect.
It is a summary of Deja Vu moments in Indian politics and the various factors of democracy in India especially the caste, secularism, communism, communalism and multitude of political parties. What to expect and what to analyze for elections in 2019?

A must read book for any one born after 1990, when real democracy started in India. Of course it is also the details as to why the so called democracy in India before 1990 was farcical.
It is neither an adulation of Modi or BJP nor is it a criticism of Congress but an analysis of politics in India. Scan the code with mobile to read:

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India 2019: Will Narendra Modi Win?

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The Crowd Suppliers: A Business hidden in plain sight.

A secret Business in India.

Crowd is to democracy what ink is to news papers. The news papers may not be main churning force in debates but but they have not seized to exist even if relegated to quite irrelevance. Something similar is about crowds. Democracies much less it’s elections can not be imagined without crowd gatherings and elections rallies and all the usual high decibel celebrations.

It is even more unimaginable in a democracy of 1.3 billions. Apart from elections, crowds are also required for protests, supports or dissent on the issues. It is the time tested old method which has worked for over century. Right?

So, from where does this crowd comes? Well in India, things have taken a turn for more than a decade. People who matter watch on television and decide and those who visit, they do not matter.

India, is always on election. First General (Federal) Elections. Than State Elections, Municipal Elections, Village Elections. It never ends. But what is seen in last few years that the crowd pulled in elections rallies had no proportion with Elections results. Those who lost elections, had equally packed grounds or perhaps only slightly less than the winner. So what makes this crowd?

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