Consciousness, sleep, dreams and thinking!

Problem of pondering:

He was sitting in chair with eyes closed. No sound of snoring or palpable nostrils. I looked closely but no rapid eye moment was visible. He was not dreaming. Television was blaring news. It continued for about ten minutes, when I made a noise. ‘When you came? Was I asleep?’ was the response. He was not asleep. Just in deep thought. So when are we actually asleep or awake?
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Awake from sleep but in dreams of thought!

Artists have a different level of sensitivity. They reach out to certain questions not relevant to their art, too often. Subjects they themselves be least interested in. Perhaps the energy is overwhelming. Now the question is:

When are we awoke?

The answer can be simple. We are awake when we are not sleeping. But the problem is that if we were sleeping, who was dreaming? How is it possible to be sleep and awake at the same time? It appears that the question may be approached from other end.

What is a dream?

Before reaching to any answer we need to intro-inspect few facts. Do we dream often or sometimes?
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