Control freak in old age


Spirit of domination is imbibed in humans. We, as automatons, do not even notice when we crossed the path of another. The control freak is an extreme creature who can not help but to control everything. To control things, to ensure best to all. However the problem is that one’s best is not everyone’s best. Those obliged to subordination, politely get out of the way with flimsy excused. Others part way with declaration that this is unacceptable. In either case control freak is left to its own affairs.
The problem arises when health is at stake.

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The Civilized and The Barbarian.

Humanity,  referring to entire human race on this planet, at all times used the terms like civilized and barbarians. Who are they? Are these real labels or imaginary. Two nights ago, during a discussion, I had quipped ‘we are all barbarians.’ Ever since a thought was lingering in my mind, if I was right?
But it is always easy to start from the other end. Who is civilized? Continue reading

Why relationships fail?

The most important person in the Universe

All relationships including romantic ones fail because of one single core issue i.e. deep rooted desire to dominate. We may believe in any God or may not believe at all but we practice one God i.e. ourselves. We are supreme. Our desires are foremost and most urgent. Others can wait or should wait. Can we at any given moment visualise that we are not the centre of the universe?  Do we ever see any inter-connection? Continue reading