Need to become somebody, extraordinary!

Fallen-treeThe desire to become extraordinary is a very ordinary desire, common to all people. The question which struck me was how it started and why can’t we let go off it?
In another springs like this, it dawned on me that the competitive spirit to run better than you next friend is inculcated in us from childhood. All Kinder Gardens are military training camps. (Click on last sentence to read more about it.) Thus from childhood we are trained to run, to do better, to compete, to be superior, to excel. (Whatever that means because it varies from person to person.) Continue reading

Hope, belief and more!

Hope is a strange anchor. In a society structured on possessions, accumulations and competition, hope is always scouring for anchors. Dishonesty being the grinding teeth to produce and protect wealth; Astrologers and palmists grant an anchor of solace to the grieved while he waits patiently for Courts, Temples, Churches and God to deliver.
Is hope a habit or an act of desperation?

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