Corruption and bribery!

Rupee-INR-Gandhi-1000-currency-noteThere were many news headlines. First a Minister’s nephew was caught taking bribe to favor a Government Servant with his promotion. Secondly house of a Major General was being searched due to corruption charges. Everyday there is a headline about one of the cases the Supreme Court of India is groping with, regarding corruption and its improper prosecution. A building fell in Bangladesh due to greed of a corrupt Engineer killing 506 people and head count continues. Yesterday I had an old case, one of the High Court judges who tried that case once, is presently being prosecuted for corruption, that too because he foolishly resigned, otherwise he was immune. Rumours in Bar room as to how a particular judge can be influenced by bribe through his book seller and another through his ex partner or another through his son, left me to wonder what was happening. Actually it is a reflection of human race as such. We are only cheating ourselves. What happens if a corrupt person falls sick and gets a corrupt/dishonest doctor who instead of treating him/her, makes sure that these people remain in hospital? Continue reading